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Off Road 4X4 Training

The Offroad 4x4 Driver Training Adventure will last a lifetime

craig On June - 17 - 2013

Off Road 4x4 Driving Tips

Off-Road Driving Tips

Here is a list of recommended driving tips when you decide to venture off the beaten track in your 4x4 vehicle.

  • Do not speed with lowered tyre pressures
  • Do not drive in 4H or 4L on tarmac (only 2H)
  • Stop before shifting from 4H to 4L or from 2H to 4L or from 4L to 4H or from 4L to 2H
  • Step off the clutch as soon as gear shifting has been completed
  • Stay on existing 4x4 tracks and do not drive on eco-sensitive vegetation as far as possible
  • Do not shift gears during a 4x4obstacle
  • Engage low range (4L) for thick sand, dunes, mud and mountain rock
  • Engage 4H on gravel roads
  • Stop before engaging or disengaging the rear differential lock
  • Fasten all loose items
  • Always wear safety belts except for river crossings or water crossings
  • Walk the river or water crossing before driving through
  • Do regular checks on fluid levels (oil, fuel, brake, water, coolant, battery)
  • Brake hard to activate ABS, ( if 4x4 has no ABS, make us of cadence braking)
  • Do not brake when you are in a corner do this before the corner
  • Keep thumbs out of steering wheel
  • Rather do an obstacle over than over do it
  • Go as slow as possible bust as fast as necessary
  • Do not recover in reverse gear
  • Recommended gears for obstacles: 2nd gear 4L or 3rd Gear 4L
  • Hit only the brakes in a failed hill climb. Vehicle will stall. Pull the handbrake up and keep the brake pedal in. Then use the clutch to put in reverse –low range. Foot off the clutch, then the footbrakes, release the handbrake, crank the starter and allow the vehicle to crawl down
  • Note the direction of your steering wheel when going downhill
  • Descents; engage 4L 1st gear, let the transmission take over before applying the brakes
  • Ascents and descents; use a l line straight up or down
  • Safety first approach to all off-road obstacles and challenges
  • Kinetic recovery; do not use the tow-bar. Safety pin of tow bar is fine provided tow bar is professionally attached
  • Kinetic recovery; use only safe and approved recovery points. Rather a few soft pulls than one hard one
  • Recovery; clear obstacles under vehicle first. Safe distance for bystanders
  • Engage rear diff-lock only in cross-axle situations. Disengage thereafter


0.8 bar                                    - up to 40km/h

- All off-road driving(sand, dunes, mountains)

- 4L

1.6 bar                                    - up to 80km/h

- Gravel road

- 4H

2.4 bar                                    - up to 120km/h

- Tarmac

- 2H

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